EPR spectra of hippocampus of healthy rat and rat after haemorrhagic stroke. The signals from: a) tissue sample, b) complex (DETC)2-Fe2+-NO. Temperature is 77oK. The rats were injected with (DETC)2-Fe2+ - citrate. g = 2.038.

  Part of: Gainutdinov K, Pashkevich S, Andrianov V, Yafarova G, Dosina M, Bogodvid T, Stukach J, Silant'eva D, Zamaro A, Sushko T, Kulchitsky V (2017) Participation of NO-synthase in Control of Nitric Oxide Level in Rat Hippocampus after Modelling of Ischaemic and Haemorrhagic Insult. BioDiscovery 20: e14810. https://doi.org/10.3897/biodiscovery.20.e14810