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Conference Abstract
Identification of the gene complexes that determine some individual characteristics of a person
expand article infoIrma Mosse, Alexander Kilchevsky§, Alexander Gonchar, Maxim Ameliyanovich, Nikita Sedlyar
‡ Institute of Genetics & Cytology, National Academy of Sciences, Minsk, Belarus, Minsk, Belarus
§ National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Minsk, Belarus
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There are some data about genes associated with certain traits of a person in the scientific literature, but these data are often contradictory. It is evident that complexes of genes that affect the manifestation of the trait can be more informative. We have investigated genotypes of 9000 people, using the PCR method, in order to determine their athletic abilities or predisposition to different diseases and pathologies. In particular, we tested about 3000 women with unknown causes of miscarriages for 14 genes associated with the pregnancy development. 1,5 years later we interviewed 700 women and have identified a high genetic risk of pregnancy loss due to hereditary thrombophilia.

In most of the cases, doctors took into account our data and applied for these women treatment with anticoagulant drugs such as fragmin in the subsequent pregnancies. So 86.6% of pregnant women have successfully conceived and given birth, and we have received over 500 touching letters of gratitude.

Thus, genetic testing allows to identify individual human properties in order to prevent some pathologies or to chose the most suitable kind of sport.


genotyping, pregnancy loss, personalized medicine

Presenting author

Irma Mosse

Presented at

World BioDiscovery Congress 2017

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